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Products by Jenny

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Educational resources, therapeutic products and games by Jenny Clark

Seminars and Trainings

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World Class Seminars by Jenny Clark

Satisfied and Happy Clients

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Playful Therapy

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Occupational Therapy above and beyond for example: Ball Pit and Pirate

Jenny's Kids, Inc


Jenny's Kids, Inc. is dedicated to the profession of Pediatric Occupational Therapy and related topics. All content and resources within this website are available to Parents,Teachers,other caregivers, and Healthcare Professionals (for informational purposes only) to help you provide beneficial services to children experiencing sensory processing issues.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic

Jenny Pose 3 State of the art clinic in Lawrence, Kansas


In Service Training and Seminars


World Class Training by Expert Jenny L Clark


Sensory Friendly Schools

Are you new in town? Are you looking for a school for your special needs child? Check out our list of Schools and preschools (US) by state.

Outdoor Education: Children develop sensory integration skills

Angela Hanscom founded ‘Timbernook’ a children’s nature summer program that intricately weaves the therapeutic aspects of nature with her unique understanding of child development to create an invaluable outdoor program that supports every aspect of the growing child.

Most nature programs set their focus on getting children outdoors and teaching them about environment and sustainability. TimberNook, does a little of this, but is certainly not an ordinary nature camp. TimberNook’s main focus is on how the natural environment enriches, even supports the developing child.

Every TimberNook setting and activity is broken down into pieces, carefully analyzed for its therapeutic value, and chosen to support the whole child. Our curriculum encourages complex social interactions, problem solving, fine motor skills, balance and overall strength, independent thought, tactile (touch) processing, proprioceptive (joint/muscle awareness) processing, multi-level learning, motor planning, and creativity.

What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

Neuroscientists and psychologists report findings of brain scan research studies that indicate an essential link between handwriting and learning, thus putting into question the trend to replace handwriting with keyboarding.

Childrens Booklist

Topically organized list of childrens books for use in Learn to Move Educational Series–Great resource for Back to School!

Sensory Success in Childhood Occupations for High Functioning ASD

A brief overview of Jenny’s seminar including an introduction to sensory system dysfunction and how this impacts success in childhood occupations (such as sleeping, eating, hygiene, and playing) in children with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFASD). Current research provides the underpinning of evidence based practice. Practical accommodations are reviewed at the seminar.

New Questionnaire Can Help in The Study of Sensory Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Conditions

A new tool developed by researchers in the Autism Research Centre may enable researchers to quantitatively assess sensory symptoms in autism spectrum conditions. Published in the journal Molecular Autism, the Sensory Perception Quotient (SPQ) is measured using a self-report questionnaire.

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